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Christmas arch "The Nativity"



Christianity, and the belief associated with it has always been strongly represented all over the world. This is also the case in the Ore Mountains region. At Klaus Kolbe Manufactory, the focus had always been the mining history of the Ore Mountains Region. A story about our ancestors living a very challenging live, in partially unworthy conditions to make for a truly unpretentious living. Back then, the belief in god had helped these people to survive the dark, the lack of light and the confinement they faced underground. This belief in god and hope for a better future connects the mining with biblical history. In order to precisely incorporate this aspect of the time into our historical accounts, we took up the motif of the Nativity. In 2012, a mechanically movable Christmas arch was created, showcasing the scenery of the birth of the baby Jesus in a detailed and filigree work.

In line with this, an immobile model has now been developed, too. In the light of the candles, this Christmas arch fills the room with calm and contemplation, creates trust in people and joy about a small event that has had a great impact. On display there are Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, who is embedded in a crib. They are surrounded by the animals of the barn, adored and gifted by the three wise men from the Orient and marveled at by the shepherds who came from the area around Bethlehem for this very special event.

The mood that emanates from the figures and the illuminated city of Jerusalem in the background shall stimulate thought, but mainly inspire trust and hope in God. Just as it did with the people back then.

When looking at the Christmas arch, we wish you loads of joy and all the best!

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